Dom Gueranger SocietyConstitution
I. Purpose
To foster a deeper awareness and appreciation for the liturgical traditions of the Church on campus.
II. Functions

    a. Meetings will be held at the determination of the Society officers.
    b. The Society shall establish, promote and manage lectures, retreats and other events related to the Society’s purpose.
    c. The officers of the Society are responsible for fundraising and organizing all special events.

III. Membership

    a. The Dom Gueranger Society shall be an official student group approved by FUSA and the Franciscan University Student Life Dep’t.
    b. Membership in the Society is completely voluntary.
    c. Limitations to membership
  1. Members must be students, staff, or faculty of the Franciscan University of Steubenville.
    1. Student must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or their membership will be revoked.
    1. Visitors are welcome to attend all events.
  1. Members of the local community (including alumni) cannot be members of the Dom Gueranger Society but are invited as guests.

IV. Officers
a. Titles/ Duties

  1. President
    1. Conducts all meetings and other events
    2. Organizes the agenda for all meetings.
    3. Co- ordinates all special events.
    4. Is responsible for contacting Student Life and FUSA.

ii. Vice President

    1. Acts as President in absence of the President
    2. Assists and shares in the President’s duties.

iii. Secretary

    1. Keeps records of all member data
    2. Serves as auditor for all voting processes
    3. Always keeps on file a copy of the current Constitution.
    4. Handles and keeps record of all financial matters of the Society

iv. Public Relations

    1. Handles all advertising on and off campus.

b. Required Qualifications for Officers

    i. All candidates for office and officers must be enrolled as students of the Franciscan University of Steubenville during the current academic year in which their office is held.
    ii. All candidates must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above.
    iii. To qualify for office, all candidates must have attended on meeting prior to the elections.

c. Terms of Office – One academic school year for all officers, beginning immediately after their election and terminating upon the first day of classes the following fal semester. In any interregnum period, the most recently serving officers shall temporarily fulfill their duties.

d. Election procedure – During the first meeting after the approval of the Society by Student Life, time will be set aside for the election. Only members who are present will be able to vote. The positions will be announced, those interested in being a candidate will indicate so. There will be a show of hands for each candidate and the candidate with the most votes becomes the new officer.

V. Ratification

  1. The constitution shall be ratified upon the unanimous approval of the founding officers and advisors.
  2. The constitution shall be submitted to the F.U.S. Student Life Dep’t and FUSA for approval, with a current copy on file.
  3. Any member may submit an amendment to the constitution during any regular meeting. The change must receive a 2/3 majority vote and the unanimous consent of the officers.

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