Baronius Press Missal

    *  Baronius Press Missal
* A must have! This thing is packed with all kinds of little goodie

Its features include:

* 2,224 pages printed in red/black.
* Size approximately 3.75″ x 6.3″
* Full Latin and English text of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum issued by Pope Benedict XVI on 7th July 2007.
* 115 engravings throughout carefully scanned, corrected where necessary and digitally remastered (see sample).
* Foreword and Imprimatur from the Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz, STD, Bishop of Lincoln.
* All the Masses of the Liturgical Year, in Latin with English translation, according to the Roman Calendar of 1962 – Temporal and Sanctoral Cycles and accompanying rites (Blessing of Ashes, Blessing of Palms, Chrism Mass, and the Blessing of Holy Oils, etc)
* Ordinary of the Mass, in Latin with English translation
* Liturgical Calendar
* Table of Moveable Feasts up to AD 2066
* Complete Holy Week Liturgy of 1962 (including the Office of Tenebrae)
* Common Masses of the Saints and the Blessed Virgin
* Supplement of special Masses for the Dioceses of the USA
* Supplement of special Masses for the Dioceses of England and Wales
* Supplement of special Masses for the Dioceses of Scotland
* Feasts celebrated in particular places and in certain religious congregations
* Votive Masses for the days of the week
* Sixteen Votive Masses for various occasions
* Masses for the Dead (including infants), Complete Burial Service, Prayers for the Dead
* Marriage Service and Nuptial Mass
* The Churching of Women
* Kyriale, in traditional Gregorian chant notation, including:
o Tones for the most common Ordinaries: I (Lux et Origo), IV (Cunctipotens Genitor Deus), VIII (De Angelis), IX (Cum Jubilo), XI (Orbis Factor), XXVII (Sundays of Advent & Lent), XVIII (Deus Genitor Alme)
o Tones for the Asperges and the Vidi Aquam
o Tones for the Credo: I, II, III and IV
* Vespers for Sundays and Feasts
* Compline for Sundays
* Hymns and chants for Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
* Anthems to the Blessed Virgin Mary
* Li tan y of the Saints
* Various Devotions and Prayers including favourite Litanies, the Way of the Cross, prayers of the Rosary and others
* Morning and Evening Prayers
* Devotions for Confession
* Devotions for Holy Communion
* Te Deum Laudamus
* The Itinerary or Office before a Journey
* Various Blessings
* An explanation of “The Liturgy or Public Worship of the Catholic and Roman Church”
* An Abridgement of Christian Doctrine
* Expect me to update you as I become more and more familiar with it.

~ by Citizen Cane on February 4, 2008.

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